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Zaxby’s Breakfast Hours, Menu & Dishes 2024

Zaxby’s Breakfast hours, Breakfast menu, time and Prices – All You Want To Know!

Zaxby’s Breakfast hours has ” enriched lives one person at a time.” To rephrase, it is one of the renowned fast food chains of casual eateries in USA. Food enthusiasts go crazy on the signature taste of Zaxby’s good chicken and Zax Sauce. This American chain of restaurants is famous for delicious salads and chicken fingers. Here you can get sandwiches, classic, kid-friendly meals, and family meals. If you want to have a service at lunchtime, just visit the Zaxby for lunch. Your tastebuds will bless you for having great desserts and beverages. Before jumping on the menu and Zaxby’s breakfast hours, let’s have a look at the history of Zaxby Restaurant.

However, this restaurant has been serving breakfast equally since the 90s. To enjoy Zaxby’s Breakfast menu, visit the restaurant during Zaxby’s Breakfast hours. Food lovers crave Zaxby’s Breakfast hours for their favourite breakfast food item. If you are also a food craver and have not yet tasted Zaxby’s Breakfast menu, it’s high time! The breakfast items it provides during Zaxby’s Breakfast hours are actually mouthwatering.

zaxby's breakfast restaurant

Some Glimpse Behind The History of the  Zaxby’s Restaurant Chain- Zaxby’s Breakfast hours

The famous Zaxby’s breakfast hour is the brainchild of Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley. They both are two childhood friends. Back then, the primary mission was to bridge the gap between their desperation for great-tasting chicken wings and the lack of restaurants. They choose to make the solution their way. Likewise, Zaxby’s Restaurant.

The first outlet was founded in 1990 in Statesboro, Georgia. Within four years in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Zaxby’s Restaurant continued its legacy and opened another restaurant.

What is Zaxby’s Breakfast Hour?

In the same way as other restaurants,  Zaxby’s has its dining hours. The Zaxby Breakfast Hours start at 6:00 am and continue to 10:30 am. You can enjoy a day off from cooking. But remember, if you miss the breakfast hour, there is no way back! Zaxby maintains its Zaxby’s Breakfast hours rigidly.


Opening Time

Closing Time


6:00 AM

10:30 AM


6:00 AM

10:30 AM


6:00 AM

10:30 AM


6:00 AM

10:30 AM


6:00 AM

10:30 AM


6:00 AM

11:30 AM


6:00 AM

12:30 PM

What time does Zaxby’s start to serve breakfast?

The  Zaxby’s  Breakfast Hour starts at 6.00 am. It is pretty early. So, be on time if you plan to grab Zaxby’s  Breakfast menu. Want to spend the day indoors? No worries! Zaxby’s food delivery is there to track it out! Just order it online.

What time does Zaxby cease to serve breakfast?

The time is fixed for 10:30 a.m. After that, lunchtime begins. Then you can’t order from  Zaxby’s Breakfast menu. You will find mouth-watering food that will kick start your day in breakfast. You can rely on  Zaxby’s Breakfast menu. It will never betray you at the moment. So, maintain the Zaxby breakfast hours.

zaxby's breakfast hours

What Are There In The List Of  Zaxby’s  Breakfast Menu?

During Zaxby’s  Breakfast Hours, you can access different flavoured luscious foods. Your stomach and taste buds will thank you for treating them to such great food! So grab the menu during Zaxby during breakfast hours. On the menu, you will find Zegg and Cheese Sausage Biscuit Meal, Zegg and Cheese Bacon Biscuit Meal, and Kickin’ Chicken Biscuit Meal. Signature Chicken Biscuit Meal, Gravy Chicken Biscuit Meal and Texas Toast Bacon Panini Meal are one of the best affordable and admired foods among food enthusiasts.

If you want to grab some light, you can go with Breakfast Bowl, Gravy Grits, Side of Grits, Cheese Grits, and Steel-Cut Oatmeal. Among the biscuit items, you will love Gravy Biscuit, Donut Bites, and Side of Texas Toast, with 20 oz. Iced Coffee.

Item Name


Zegg and Cheese Chicken Biscuit Meal


Zegg and Cheese Sausage Biscuit Meal


Zegg and Cheese Bacon Biscuit Meal


Kickin' Chicken Biscuit Meal


Signature Chicken Biscuit Meal


Gravy Chicken Biscuit Meal


Texas Toast Bacon Panini Meal


Texas Toast Sausage Panini Meal


Texas Toast Chicken Panini Meal


Breakfast Bowl


Gravy Gritz


Side of Gritz


Cheese Gritz


Steel-Cut Oatmeal


Gravy Biscuit


Donut Bites


Side of Texas Toast


Side of Taterz


20 oz. Iced Coffee


Milk or Chocolate Milk


Orange Juice or Apple Juice


12 oz. Freshly Brewed Coffee


16 oz. Freshly Brewed Coffee


Medium Soft Drink or Iced Tea


Small Soft Drink or Iced Tea


Large Soft Drink or Iced Tea


More Item of Zaxby’s Breakfast Menu.

What Are Zaxby’s  Breakfast Hours on weekends and Holidays?

In general, Zaxby’s follows its Zaxby’s Breakfast Hours religiously. There is no exception in Zaxby’s  Breakfast hours ( zaxby’s breakfat time ). Even on weekends, Zaxby’s breakfast hours start and close at 5 am and 11 am. On holidays. Especially on Thanksgiving day and Christmas, Zaxby remains closed.

Nonetheless, the official closing hour of Zaxby’s restaurant is 10:00 PM. But sometimes it depends on the local surroundings. So please check the nearest location and the local timetables before visiting the restaurant.



New Year's DayZaxby's

Regular Hours

Martin Luther King Day

Regular Hours

President's Day

Regular Hours

Good Friday

Regular Hours

Easter (Sunday)

Regular Hours

Memorial Day

Regular Hours

Independence Day

Regular Hours

Labor Day

Regular Hours

Columbus Day

Regular Hours

Veterans Day

Regular Hours

Day Before Thanksgiving

Regular Hours



Black Friday

Regular Hours

Christmas Eve

Regular Hours

Christmas Day


Boxing Day (Dec. 26)

Regular Hours

New Year's Eve

Regular Hours

Information on  Zaxby’s Near Me Locations on Google Maps-

If you are new to the brand, don’t worry. There is a solution for you to enjoy Zaxby’s  Breakfast Hours at the nearest locations. Just check the google map below! here Official WEBSITE of ZAXBY”S.


Now, you have all the vital information on Zaxby’s chain of restaurants, e.g.  Zaxby’s breakfast hours, Zaxby’s breakfast menu, unique dishes, the nearest locations and many more. So, don’t delay; check in at the restaurant and enjoy your day! The flavoursome food is always ready to have company.


Q.What are Zaxby’s Breakfast hours famous for?

Zaxby’s has been known for good chicken and Zax Sauce. You can grab it and taste it yourself to analyze.

Q.Does Zaxby’s Breakfast menu include a beverage?

Ans: Yes, you can grab the beverages. With all Zaxby’s Sandwich Meals on Zaxby’s breakfast menu, you can get a 22 oz drink.

Q.What do I get in Zaxby’s Family Pack?

Ans: The Family Packs include 30 boneless wings or 20 Chicken Fingerz with sides. It is sufficient for four individuals. For more information, check Zaxby’s Breakfast Menu.

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